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Cemetery Monuments
As part of our comprehensive services at the Auxter Funeral Homes, we offer advice and help in selecting a cemetery monument or marker. There is a wide variety of color and shapes of the granite for you to choose. We have researched monument companies in the area and found Maumee Valley Rock of Ages Memorials to be the very best quality with reasonable prices for our families. Rock of Ages Memorials is the same company that created and built the World War II monument in Washington D.C. We have been working with Maumee Valley Rock of Ages for the past 20 years, and are confident they provide the most quality monuments in our area. When choosing a monument (just like choosing a funeral service) be sure to compare like materials and products. We're sure you will see the value and importance of choosing a Rock of Ages stone. Below is a link to their website so you can learn more about Maumee Valley Rock of Ages.

Rock of Ages Monuments website

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